07 Janvier – Phase-Field : Recents advances on phase-field models and simulations

08 h ENSCBP - Avenue Pey-Berland - 33600 PESSAC

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Interfacial dynamics in complex fluids presents tremendous challenges to science. From a fluid mechanical viewpoint, the essential physics is the coupling between interfacial movement and the flow of the bulk fluids. Phase field (diffuse-interface) methods start from a multi-scale point of view and treat the interface as a microscopic transition zone of small but finite width. Then a set of governing equations can be derived that are thermodynamically consistent and mathematically well-posed. This principle is very powerful and flexible. It has been applied successfully to describe complicated interfaces in various complex fluids. Well designed numerical methods with the diffuse-interface approach can be highly robust and accurate, as long as the interface is well resolved. Phase field methods are now widely used in many branches of science and engineering, such as the material science, biomedical science, biology, chemical engineering. This workshop will bring together numerical analysts and computational scientists working on phase field methods to present their recent advances in algorithm designs and applications of phase field methods. The main purposes of this workshop are to review the current status, identify problems and future directions, and to promote phase field methods to a wider scientific and engineering community. Topics of the presentations will include modeling, numerical analysis and simulation

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