10 Mars – Séminaire I2M : Fabrizio SCARPA (University of Bristol)

14 h En VisioConférence

Fractality, Kirigami and gradient patterns: architectures for bioinspired mechanical metamaterials

Résumé :

Fractality, Kirigami and more general patterning architectures can be used to describe and design mechanical and metamaterials systems in nature and in man-made applications. Fibre plant and tree-like structures show fractality and self-similarity, and we will provide during this seminar examples related to cactus sheath fibres, and how their fractal design could be used to engineer new classes of reinforcements in composites. Fractal and Kirigami configurations are also used to design mechanical metamaterials; here we will report examples ranging from metasurfaces to planar configurations with fractal slits and perforations, showing how their homogenised mechanical properties, fracture, wave propagation characteristics and linear/nonlinear damping scale with fractal orders. Gradient perforate tessellations that provide non-uniform Poisson’s ratios and stiffness effects will be also discussed. We will also describe how fractal rough surfaces could be engineered to produce friction for vibration damping applications.


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