03 Juin – Séminaire I2M : Mme Olga BARRERA (seniot lecturer at Oxford Brookes University).

10 h amphi D au bâtiment A29

"Exploring data and imaging driven approaches to shade light on the biomechanics of soft tissues. Case study: the knee meniscus"

Résumé :

The talk focuses on recent development in exploring the relationship between the internal inhomogeneous porous architecture and the mechanical role that soft human tissues play. Soft tissues are highly porous (>60%) and functionally graded materials, mapping in space the variation of architectural features / mechanical properties is the key to the design of biomimetic synthetic tissues.   

The soft tissue analysed here is the knee meniscus which is seen as an optimized-by-nature load bearing and damper system. The time dependent behaviour is ruled by the fluid flow inside the pores which is modelled, in a poroelastic framework, through a fractional pore pressure diffusion equation.  Advances in imaging at different scale, mechanical and poromechanics testing, material model selection, machine learning and numerical schemes will be presented. 

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