29 Novembre – Séminaire Prof Hrvoje Jasak

14 h amphi A22/Amphithéâtre Thomas EDISON

Subject : Open Source Software in Research and Industry

Prof. Hrvoje Jasak

Wikki, United Kingdom University of Zagreb, Croatia


The topic of the seminar is Open Source software as a vehicle for academic collaboration and industrial use in the 21st century engineering applications.

While Open Source approach to collaboration and software development resolves numerous moral and practical issues in reproducible research and scientific collabo- ration, it also brings challenges in the industrial application of research results and systematic customers support and consulting work.

As the author of the most popular Open Source software for Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) OpenFOAM, prof. Jasak will present his views on the benefits and challenges of combining academic work, research and industrial consulting with Open- FOAM within the limitations that Open Source licensing bring.

Short Bio

Hrvoje Jasak is a professor of Turbomachinery at the University of Zagreb, Croatia and director of Wikki Ltd (UK). The research group at Uni Zagreb focuses on CFD simulations in turbo-machinery, naval hydrodynamics, non-linear solid mechanics and fundamental work on Finite Volume discretisation, numerical modelling and linear solver technology for High-Performance Computing.

Hrvoje Jasak graduated mechanical engineering at the University of Zagreb in 1992. He completed his PhD in Computational Fluid Dynamics in prof. Gosman’s group at Imperial College in 1996. He is one of two original authors of OpenFOAM, a leading Open Source CFD package today. His research interests are focused on numerical simulation in Continuum Mechanics, specifically on the Finite Volume discretisation and OpenFOAM.

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