26 Novembre – Workshop LTC AENIGME

08 h Bordeaux, France – I2M Building A4 University of Bordeaux Talence

Contents : Training for PhD students and researchers associated to the LTC ÆNIGME

Lectures :

  • Tuesday, November 26th
    DAY 9h-12h 14h-17h.
    Philippe VIOT (I2M Arts et Métiers ParisTech) : Training on creativity and innovation.
  • Wednesday, November 27th
    DAY 9h-12h 14h-17h.
    Jérémie Girardot (I2M Arts et Métiers ParisTech) and Vincent Delos (I2M CNRS) : Scientific computing with object-oriented languages.
  • Thursday November 28th
    AM 9h-12h
    Jennifer Bordes (I2M UBx) : International career in France or abroad (focus on IF MSCA applications); International competency assessment tools; Cover letter /CV in English to apply for an international position in France or abroad; Prepare and succeed a job interview”.
    PM 14h-16h.
    O. Cahuc / F. Girot : Debriefing, discussion on International Master / International PhDs in cotutelles, perspectives of research and projects in the scope of the LTC AENIGME.

Localisation de l’événement


Olivier Cahuc