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Soutenance de thèse de Doctorat de Hassan FARDOUN (28 mars 2022)

Sujet : Mechanical behavior and durability of earth concrete: an experimental and numerical study

Ultrasound & Materials (13 juillet 2020)

Since 2011, studies carried out within the Ultrasounds-Materials (UM) team focus on Quantitative and Non-Destructive Evaluation of materials and structures. This concerns composite materials as well

Séminaire I2M : Mme Olga BARRERA (seniot lecturer at Oxford Brookes University). (21 mai 2022)

"Exploring data and imaging driven approaches to shade light on the biomechanics of soft tissues. Case study: the knee meniscus"

Soutenance Thèse Mohamed Bensalem (28 septembre 2018)

.Accordingly, the aim of this study is to develop an experimental device able to measure the water content field on small wood samples during a drying (or wetting) process. The conventional techniques of humidity

Soutenance Thèse Torquato GARULLI (07 juillet 2020)

Supervisor Abstract: The object of this study is the development of a novel class of stacking sequences for the design of multidirectional polymer matrix laminated composite specimens

Séminaire du département APY: Ratan K. SAHA (19 juin 2019)

the PA signals emitted by the individual cells. Such a modelling approach can serve as a useful tool to study various phenomena exhibited by blood. In this presentation, we will demonstrate the performance

Soutenance de thèse de Cédric Perez (08 juillet 2021)

Cédric Perez soutiendra publiquement ses travaux de thèse intitulés : Fissuration en mode mixte I+II du bois à différentes teneurs en eau : expérimentation et proposition d'un modèle de courbe

Functional Materials for Acoustics (22 février 2021)

We engineer and study new functional materials for acoustics and use them to control wave propagation. We are especially interested in composite materials (periodic, random, locally resonant

Equipe TIFC : page en construction (23 septembre 2022)

conversion et le stockage d’énergie. Ces études à fort caractère expérimental se veulent quantitatives, notamment par le biais des méthodes inverses, et vont conduire à la compréhension, la caractérisation et

Soutenance Thèse Eileen Boissin (25 juin 2019)

, this dependency can also have a knock-on effect on their damage scenario. But structures such as wind turbine blades are brought to operate in a temperature range from -20 to 60°C. It is then necessary to study