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Séminaire I2M : Fabrizio SCARPA (University of Bristol) (02 mars 2022)

with fractal slits and perforations, showing how their homogenised mechanical properties, fracture, wave propagation characteristics and linear/nonlinear damping scale with fractal orders. Gradient perforate ... Fractality, Kirigami and gradient patterns: architectures for bioinspired mechanical metamaterials

Séminaire I2M : Mme Olga BARRERA (seniot lecturer at Oxford Brookes University). (21 mai 2022)

tissues are highly porous (>60%) and functionally graded materials, mapping in space the variation of architectural features / mechanical properties is the key to the design of biomimetic synthetic tissues

Functional Materials for Acoustics (22 février 2021)

or with gradients of properties). These materials can enable tunable wavefront control or exhibit extraordinary scattering and absorption properties. We achieve high-fidelity propagation control with practical

Soutenance de thèse de Michele Iacopo IZZI (04 mai 2021)

of the aeronautical field, and variable-stiffness composite structural components, characterised by a point wise variation of the macroscopic mechanical properties over the laminate surface. Concerning the formers

Soutenance de thèse de Doctorat de Hassan FARDOUN (28 mars 2022)

Sujet : Mechanical behavior and durability of earth concrete: an experimental and numerical study

Soutenance Thèse Mohamed Bensalem (28 septembre 2018)

. In particular, the movement of water in glued products (such as cross-laminated timber or glue-laminated timber) can induce severe mechanical strains along the glued interfaces. Consequently, drying can lead

ATOPAD (22 juillet 2022)

forced the engineers to rethink the way we design and integrate these new functionalities. The control of the geometric variability of mechanical systems is based on the modeling of tolerances and the main

Séminaire Dr. Darren Hartl (23 mai 2019)

computational mechanics results, material modeling data, and laboratory test data. This talk will review the numerous research efforts currently being pursued by students and staff working with Dr. Darren Hartl

Soutenance Thèse Torquato GARULLI (07 juillet 2020)

of any desired orientation. Because of their properties, they were labelled Fully-Uncoupled Multi-Directional (FUMD).  In order to design these layups, Quasi-Trivial (QT) solutions were exploited. Then

Séminaire Prof Hrvoje Jasak (06 novembre 2018)

on CFD simulations in turbo-machinery, naval hydrodynamics, non-linear solid mechanics and fundamental work on Finite Volume discretisation, numerical modelling and linear solver technology for High