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Séminaire I2M : Rory CERBUS (Université de Bordeaux, Laboratoire Ondes et Matière d'Aquitaine (LOMA)) (20 novembre 2021)

called these confined spots of irregular flow, “flashes”, and they have been the subject of intense study ever since. Although they are irregular, they have some well-defined properties which differ

Séminaire I2M : Mme Olga BARRERA (seniot lecturer at Oxford Brookes University). (21 mai 2022)

tissues are highly porous (>60%) and functionally graded materials, mapping in space the variation of architectural features / mechanical properties is the key to the design of biomimetic synthetic tissues

Functional Materials for Acoustics (22 février 2021)

or with gradients of properties). These materials can enable tunable wavefront control or exhibit extraordinary scattering and absorption properties. We achieve high-fidelity propagation control with practical

Notus (07 mars 2018)

code (8.5 million cells, 32 processors).   Interface Moment-of-Fluid reconstruction of a 4 material disk in a reverse-shear flow. A. Lemoine. Notus CFD code.  

HYDRODYNAMICS AT SMALL SCALES : from soft matter to bioengineering (11 juillet 2022)

-fluidics (endothelium mimicking real blood vessels, migrating cancer/tumor cells through capillary microvasculature, paper-and-pencil based microfluidics or microvascular physiology and flow instabilities). More

Soutenance Thèse Mohamed Bensalem (28 septembre 2018)

content at local scale within homogeneous and heterogeneous samples (blotting paper and maritime pine).Finally, these THz techniques permitted to estimate respectively the optical property of insulating

Soutenance Thèse Torquato GARULLI (07 juillet 2020)

of any desired orientation. Because of their properties, they were labelled Fully-Uncoupled Multi-Directional (FUMD).  In order to design these layups, Quasi-Trivial (QT) solutions were exploited. Then

Séminaire Dr. Darren Hartl (23 mai 2019)

, and others. Laboratory investigations focus on fully three-dimensional surface deformation, strain, and thermal fields as measured on adaptive aerospace structures in a flow environment. Integrated augmented

Workshop "Modèles cinétiques pour les milieux poreux" (02 octobre 2019)

://stephane.brull.pagesperso-orange.fr/confporeux.html Nous vous y attendons nombreux. Très cordialement. Slip flow in a 2D random array of parallel cylinders. x-component of the velocity field. (D. Lasseux and F. J. Valdés

Phase-Field : Recents advances on phase-field models and simulations (02 décembre 2019)

and the flow of the bulk fluids. Phase field (diffuse-interface) methods start from a multi-scale point of view and treat the interface as a microscopic transition zone of small but finite width. Then a set