Materials - Processes Interactions

The aim is to understand and modeled the interactions between a manufacturing process and a material.

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Department presentation and research

The main areas focus on processes of implementing, shaping and assembling materials, highlighting interactions between the process and the material.

The objective is to understand the physical and physico-chemical mechanisms involved in manufacturing processes using approaches that are both experimental and numerical supplemented by the physico-chemical and mechanical characterisation of the materials produced. A multi-disciplinary system is essential, where all phenomena and their combinations are studied using a multiscale approach.

Our complementary skills (materials, processes, implementation) are an undeniable asset in the Department because the most of applications are meeting current to industrial challenges.

The activities of the three Groups are as follows : 

• GT1 - Material Implementation Processes works in modelling couplings, especially between heat transfers and mass transfers, metallurgical (or chemical) states and mechanical states for manufacturing additive processes (SLM), processes for preparing metal matrix composites (MMC by liquid and solid route, winding process), composite recycling and welding (TIG, laser and FSW).

• GT2 - Material removal processes works about problems associated with understanding and modelling the mechanisms involved in removing material with a cutting tool, applied to monolithic materials or multi-materials.

• GT3 - Mechanics of Compacted Pharmaceutical Powders works on issues related to pharmaceutical powders and their transformation by compression via different individual stages in pharmaceutical process engineering.

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