Mechanical Engineering & Design

The main topics focus on the design process, taking into account all the life phases of a product. Methods and tools are developed to help the decision making.

Department presentation and research

The research activities of the IMC department aim to:

  • reduce decision-making risks in design,
  • optimize the choices in preliminary design,
  • develop robust design approaches.

The activities carried range from fundamental approaches to the tool or from the innovative idea to the pre-industrial solution. It is necessary to develop methods, tools, models or data to carry out the design and makes the balance for the multiple objectives.

We claim to work from the preliminary design stages with indicators and evaluations of the developed systems, in order to ease decision-making. The research topics of the department IMC address the fields of:

  • the design of products and systems over all the phases of its life, assistance in the selection between different technical and economic alternatives, and the development of multi-criteria and multi-objective optimization tools and methods
  • the encapsulation of knowledge (domain expertise, environmental dimensions, satisfactions, etc.) in the product development process, the interaction between decision makers and digital environments supporting product development,
  • the integration between design and manufacturing for product performances assessment (under real operational conditions) by geometric tolerancing and / or product behaviors (performance) - materials (behavior and defects) - processes
  • the design of architectured materials or composite structures, their assembly, the discussion between multi-scale experimentation and simulation

The department's areas of expertise are:

  • innovation,
  • energetic and thermal systems,
  • medical articular devices,
  • composite and multi-material structures, hybrid assemblies,
  • tolerancing and functional specifications,
  • ecodesign and circular economy.

Updated on 09/06/2021


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