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PolitoCAT: "Polytopes applied to Computer Aided Tolerancing"

- Download PolitoCAT v1.2.8 for Windows and install it directly at the root of your hard disk C: providing 600 Mo of free space. PolitoCAT is a free software under the GNU LGPL license, with a kernel based on politopix and a graphical interface.

- Download the PolitoCAT tutorial written by S. Arroyave

- Download the presentation made in the E-GRT 2015 (European Group of Research in Tolerancing) in Erlangen, Germany


To study the cumulative stack-up of geometric variations inside any mechanical system we need to compute Minkowski sums and intersections of sets of contraints modelled by polytopes in R6. As a consequence, we developped the solver politopix under the GNU LGPL/GPL license and its documentation.

- Download the NEW politopix version 4.2.0 to compile under Windows and Linux

- Download the NEW 64-bit Windows executable politopix.exe version 4.2.0 with polito.dll

- Download the slides presenting politopix (CERN, Geneva june 2014)

  • Software & library project manager (architecture, coding/integration, tests, versioning and deployment): V. Delos
  • Tolerancing analysis, 3D visualization and attribute management: D. Teissandier
  • Tolerancing analysis, coding of industrial cases and test suites: S. Arroyave-Tobon and Doriane Gouyou
Theory of the Minkowski Sums of polytopes

- Download the presentation of Minkowski sum of HV-polytopes in Rn (Singapore, CMCGS January 2015)

- Download the presentation of Minkowski sum of polytopes defined by their vertices (Shanghai, GTA2015, January 2015) and the source code to compile with GLPK

Minkowski sums and intersection of polytopes with politopix

politopix allows you to sum and intersect polytopes or polyhedrical cones in a n-dimensional space. Its applications are dedicated to geometric tolerancing and industrial mechanics. politopix can also compute n-dimensional Voronoi diagrams.

Sum in R6 checking the topology and geometry of the result:
./politopix.exe -p1 Polytope_1.ptop -p2 Polytope_2.ptop -d 6 -MS -ch
Intersection of cones in R6:
./politopix.exe -c1 cone_1.pcon -c2 cone_2.pcon -d 6 -ch


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