Industry is a term covering most human activities.

  • Manufacturing activities (use raw materials to turn them into objects) is too often considered, wrongly, as the only industrial activity (Aeronautics, Space, Defence, Microelectronics, Automotive, …)
  • Agriculture, Wood exploitation and Food are wide industrial sectors
  • Transport & Mobility offered new challenges (autonomous vehicles, logistics, …)
  • Health involves a lot of new technologies (sensors, actuators, biophysics devices,…) that are very similar to those developed within other domains (additive manufacturing, lasers, …)
  • Civil engineering and patrimony are far behind other sectors industrial sectors (robotics, cobotics, remote sensing,…) despite the demand
  • Energy sector is a on-going evolving field to adapt to ever increasing demands and big consumer of new materials and processes to reach the aimed flexibility and sustainability.

Mise à jour le 28/02/2019