Civil and Environmental Engineering

The department GCE covers most of the activity in the field of Civil and Environnemental Engineering within the Institute of Mechanics and Engineering of Bordeaux

Department presentation and research

The research of our group covers the study of building materials and engineering geology, as well as the development of methods related to diagnosis and decision making in the field of civil and environmental engineering. Our research field includes the study and development of engineered wood products (EWP), the deployment of sensors to perform in-situ monitoring in the field, and is helping decision making related to the management of technical and public heritage. The activity focuses on addressing some main questions associated with mechanics and engineering, and emphasizes on two main concerns:

  • developing interdisciplinary projects focusing on multi-physics and combined approaches (e.g., geophysics and hydrogeology, physical modelling applied to decision making, geotechnical approaches and hazard management) applied at various scales,
  • the consistency approaches from the study of the physical processes to practical applications in the industry and consulting companies, and for governmental agencies, especially the offices in charge of public heritage.

The department activities cover a broad range of applications in the area of civil engineering: characterization and design of construction materials and innovative composite materials or building components, monitoring and assessment of building structures and environmental resources (forest, groundwater), public heritage preservation and management (historical painted caves, technical and urban infrastructures)

Updated on 14/02/2024


Nadia Saiyouri
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