Notus is an open-source code dedicated to simulating incompressible fluid flows on massively parallel supercomputers.

  • Round turbulent 3D jet of acetone in CO2 in supercritical conditions. A. Erriguible. Notus CFD code (11 million cells, 128 processors)
  • Jet buckling simulations (VOF-PLIC interface reconstruction). S. Glockner. Notus CFD code.
  • Rain drop impacts on a water free surface. Level set method with Closest Point curvature extension (Fr=650, We=600). F. Desmons, M. Coquerelle. Notus CFD code (8.5 million cells, 32 processors).
  • Interface Moment-of-Fluid reconstruction of a 4 material disk in a reverse-shear flow. A. Lemoine. Notus CFD code.

Updated on 07/03/2018


Stéphane Glockner
Responsable du projet

Mathieu Coquerelle

Antoine Lemoine